Tired of fighting about church?

Has a faith transition created marriage problems? Does it feel like there is just no good solution?

There is a solution (really there is!) to the disconnect you are feeling in your marriage. You can learn to accept yourself and your spouse where you both are right now, no matter how far apart you think you are today.

The work we do together will create the foundation for a whole new marriage. One that is based on emotional responsibility and respect. It can be even better than the marriage you had before the faith transition.

Let’s get on a FREE call, with zero obligation, and find out what is going on in your mixed with marriage and figure out what you want to create instead.

It may seem impossible today that you can have a great mixed faith marriage. That is what I used to think to, but it is possible. If I can do it, you can do it.

It may seem like it will take forever or cost a lot. Coaching is a BARGAIN compared to the cost of disconnection and continued struggle and divorce.

Reach out for a call and we can start fixing your marriage today.

About what I do:

I help  members (or former members) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rebuild their marriage impacted by a faith transition and make it even better than ever.

A mixed faith  marriage can prove challenging and stressful.

While it is true there are unique challenges to a mixed faith marriage, it does not mean your marriage is doomed or not capable of being wonderful.

Your marriage can in fact be stronger and better because of the faith transition.

The best news is that it only takes one willing person to make a relationship better.


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Not too long ago I faced a similar dilemma in my marriage.

My Story

A few years ago I decided I wanted to pursue a career in law. Over a decade ago I had graduated from law school but together we decided that we would have kids and I would be a stay at home mom. However, over the years  that choice did not settle well with me and I wanted to choose again and pursue a career. However, the guilt and fear I experienced from even considering this choice was paralyzing. I started to realize the messaging I had received and believed all my life was causing me an immense amount of suffering. This among numerous other experiences caused me to question my Mormon beliefs and ultimately led to a break from the church.  After mustering a lot of courage I decided to talk to Daniel about my shifting beliefs. Daniel freaked out. To be fair, if the roles would have been reversed, I would have freaked out more. Conversations became painful and less frequent. Uncertainty and fear became the norm.

Then we learned some tools from coaching and were really able to reconnect and turn things around. In fact, we were able to connect on a deeper level than ever before. The best part was  being able to feel safe again with one another and feel that we were on the same team again.

My Husband’s Story

Brooke and I met in a singles ward.  We both had graduated from BYU, gone on missions, and were attending church, FHE, the temple and institute together every week.  We were eventually married in the Detroit temple.  Years later, I was enjoying the type of a family that I had always imagined.  Church and children were the center of attention for us as parents. Then things started to change.  Brooke started to do and say things that confused and frustrated me.  It was a confusing time as we seemed to grow farther apart and more emotionally distant.  Even when Brooke open up about her new thoughts and beliefs, I had a hard time “believing” what I was hearing.  I though or perhaps wished that this was a “phase”, or that she was having a rough time but it would go back to normal.   I felt she was not thinking this through or not honoring me and the kids.   I also felt like I had failed as a Mormon father as my wife’s new attitude toward the church started to influence the children and changed the dynamics of the family.

After months of discomfort and confusion, we learned some tools that were life changing and relationship saving. Those tools helped us talk through difficult issues like tithing and Sunday attendance. They helped us redefine our marriage in ways to support us both. These tools helped us recommit to each other and our marriage like we never had before.

What to Expect:

I am offer one on one coaching for individuals who need to turn around their marriage impacted by a faith transition.  You can expect to:

  • Experience a major turnaround in your relationship

  • Stop blaming and resenting your spouse

  • Stop avoiding each other

  • Develop the ability to talk about the challenging issues (really!)

  • Renewed connection and commitment to your relationship

  • Renewed or increased passion and intimacy

  • Ability have a THRIVING marriage no matter the circumstances

Working with me includes:

  • One on one calls weekly calls

  • Plus weekly assignments

  • A  relationship workbook full of exercises and lessons

Interested in coaching with me?

First lets talk on the phone to learn more about you and see if we are a good fit!

Sign up today to sign up for a FREE 60 minute call to discuss your marriage with me.

In this session you will:

  • Identify the REAL problems in your marriage

  • Discuss real solutions to directly address your problems

  • Feel empowered that you can really have a THRIVING Marriage no matter the situation

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